Kim Kardashian's ex-husband gets Dentures for Rs 7.07crs..?

46-year-old rapper-singer kanye west has had his teeth removed and replaced with titanium implants. kanye west shared his titanium teeth on Instagram. The villain Jazz, who starred in james bond films Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, will be terrifying in the film with his metal teeth. He has been compared to Kayne West and criticized. Kayne West's fancy new dentures are said to be 'more expensive than diamonds' and have been meticulously crafted.
The price of this artificial pulse is said to be 850,000 US dollars. In indian terms, it is Rs. 7.07 crores. West's instagram Stories, which has 18.7 million followers, have featured photos of dentures and comments comparing him to Bond villain Jazz. In 2010, the "Heartless" singer said she had her entire bottom row of teeth removed and replaced with diamond and gold implants. kanye west has said his $850,000 dentures are permanent. These are called 'fixed prosthodontics'. It is a form of experimental dentistry. According to 'Page Six', "It goes beyond veneers or grills. This particular implant is unlike anything that has been done before." West has implanted teeth made of palladium and platinum with Dr. Thomas Connelly, the 'father of diamond dentistry' who treated him. Appearing on an episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in 2010, he said she had her bottom teeth pulled out. This titanium denture was designed exclusively for kanye west by dentist Naoki Hayashi. It was surgically implanted in singer kanye west by Dr. Thomas Connelly. Dr. Thomas Connelly said that kanye west is comfortable with this pulse. Kanye West's fans have been sharing posts on social media saying that this Rs 7.07 crore titanium pulse is perfect for Kanye West.

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