Muslim woman named her baby ram Rahim..!?

A Muslim woman gave birth to a baby boy in UP on the opening day of the ram Mandir. The family named the boy as ram Rahim. It is known that the child Rama was born on 22nd january in the ram mandir of Ayodhya. The Prana pratishta program was held at the hands of prime minister Narendra Modi. 22nd january is considered an auspicious day throughout the country. A boy was born to a Muslim woman on this day. The boy was named ram Rahim. It is noteworthy that she gave this name as a symbol of the unity of Muslims and Hindus in the country.
This boy was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh where the city of ayodhya is located. A Muslim woman gave birth in Firozabad. A fruitful son was born. The boy's grandmother, Husnu Banu, selected a good name. Babu was named ram Rahim on his birthday. Dr. naveen Jain, in charge of firozabad District Women's Hospital, said that the health of both Babu and mother is good. The construction of the ram mandir on the site where the babri masjid was demolished and the Prana Pratistha program being held today in that temple has been condemned by Pakistan. It has been alleged that other mosques are on the list to be demolished like Babri Masjid. It appealed to the government of india to provide security to the Muslim minority in the country.Meanwhile, a Muslim family in the same country has named the newly born child as a symbol of religious harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

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