CCTV footage of two young ladies checking name templates and ringing doorbells at an apartment in mumbai has gone popular on social media. Shresht Poddar, an X user from the maharashtra capital, submitted the CCTV footage and described what happened on january 28.

As shown in the films, the women were filming the deed. However, the situation took an unsettling turn when the ladies, who appeared to be inebriated according to Shresht, not only checked nameplates but also attempted to lock doors from the outside.

In his post, Shresht said that the old G+2 structure of their building is home to mostly middle-aged and senior citizens. "Last night at 2:30 am, multiple doorbells freaked my mother and me out. The CCTV had a memory issue, so it was ‘offline’. No one could be seen from the windows." Some of the footage was recovered after Shresht “fixed” the CCTV the next morning.

"I repaired the CCTV this morning. Surprisingly, two females, who appeared to be inebriated, spotted the CCTV and went upstairs, checked name plates, attempted to close the doors from outside, and rang the doors repeatedly," Shresht stated.

Furthermore, Shresht stated that the homeowners were taken aback by the women's apparent awareness of the existence of surveillance cameras while shamelessly continuing their acts.

His anxiety was justified, as Shresht explained, "In the last several years, our building and Juhu Scheme have seen many robberies, electrical fires and even killings in the area. The construction workers have had to run out into the complex in the middle of the night several times."

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