Mother kept her baby in oven instead of crib..!? SHOCKING..!

The action of a mother who put her one-month-old baby in the oven instead of putting him to sleep has shocked many. parents always emphasize one thing while giving various advice to their children. "One should be careful about anything. Carelessness can cause a lot of problems." All of us have definitely had and will have problems with this. Many people know through their experiences and the experiences of many people that they have to act with great care and responsibility while doing a job or undertaking a small thing. However, the pain cannot be overstated when a small oversight leads to a major problem. In that way, the incident of a mother in America who allegedly lost her 1-month-old baby due to her distraction is heartbreaking for listeners. In Missouri, USA, a one-month-old baby girl was placed in a cooking oven instead of being put to sleep. However, details such as whether it was due to distraction and the state of mind of the woman are not confirmed.
The child was pronounced dead at the scene. The child's mother, Maria Thomas, is a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Now the Child Welfare Board has registered a case against Maria Thomas. Also, this incident came to light early last week. In particular, according to preliminary reports, Maria Thomas put her baby in an oven instead of putting her in a crib to put her to sleep. Also, the police said, "The child's clothes were black and the diaper was burnt. The whole house smelled of smoke." Maria Thomas was taken to the police station. She did not give any confession. The girl's grandfather told police that Maria Thomas spoke about her child at 1 p.m. on Friday, and when he went home, the smell of smoke filled the house and the child was lying in the crib.These were revealed by the court. Also, Maria Thomas told him that instead of putting the baby to sleep in the crib, she had mistakenly put it in the oven, according to the child's grandfather's affidavit. Maria Thomas is currently being held at the Jackson County Detention Center. In Missouri, child endangerment is a felony punishable by 10 to 30 years in prison.

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