Pat Cummins wins hearts with the comment about his wife..!?

Australian cricket team captain Pat Cummins is in the best period of his life. When Pat Cummins was appointed as Australia's captain for the first time, many people questioned whether they were appointing a fast bowler as captain. But Pat Cummins has achieved many achievements through his hard work and sacrifice. Pat Cummins, who defeated india in the final of the 2023 World Test Championship, also holds the record of winning the 2023 ICC One Day World Cup. He is currently resting in this condition. Pat Cummins has a lot of cricket ahead of him over the next three months.
Pat Cummins is set to play three consecutive months of the t20 series against New Zealand, IPL, and icc t20 World Cup series. Meanwhile, Pat Cummins is resting to prepare for the series. Pat Cummins shared a photo of his wife Peggy Boston on social media as Valentine's Day is being celebrated around the world, saying Happy Valentine's Day to his wife, girlfriend, super mom to his kids, and his girlfriend who is a great at surfing. This photo has now gone viral on social media. Then a fan scrolled down the photo and said he is an Indian. He said that he loves his wife. This comment shocked other fans. But Cummins, who handled this coolly, has won the hearts of the fans by jokingly replying he will tell his wife that he is in love. However other netizens have accused that this fan's opinion is wrong and India's honor is lost because of this act. However, fans appreciate that he won everyone's hearts without seeing all this through his comment.

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