Samantha's befitting reply to a netizen..!?

 Actress samantha has given a proper response to a netizen who criticized her. Actress samantha is a leading actress in South indian cinema. samantha, who has acted with leading actors in Tamil, telugu, and hindi languages, also acted in the telugu version of Vinnaithandi Varuvaya with actor naga Chaitanya. During this film, the two got married with the consent of their parents in 2017. naga chaitanya and Samantha's wedding was celebrated in the presence of leading stars of indian cinema. After being a famous couple in South indian cinema, they mutually decided to separate in the year 2021 and released it in a statement. Their decision came as a shock to everyone. Neither of them has publicly revealed the reason for the affair. Various reasons for their split were circulated on social media. Actress samantha danced to the super hit item song 'O Solriya Mama...' from the movie 'Pushpa'. There were some reports that that was the reason for their divorce. Samantha's explanation in this regard. She thinks the biggest mistake she made was not understanding what her likes were and what her dislikes were. The influence of her partner was a big part of that. It was when she realized that we can learn lessons even at the worst times in our lives," she says.
Following this, samantha was diagnosed with myositis. samantha said that she is going to take a break from cinema for a year due to continuous film failures and physical condition. Now she is focusing on acting again. In the meantime, samantha, who has been continuously interacting with her fans on social media, has been facing various criticisms and lashings. Recently, a netizen criticized samantha and made a comment, to which samantha responded very patiently.Commenting on Samantha's post, the netizen said, “Why did she leave her husband? "He doesn't need advice from a loser in life," he said. samantha responded by saying, "She hopes that she recovers from the disease that causes him so much hatred."

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