"Sania Mirza" chants in Pakistan..!? sana Javed in anger..!?

Actress sana Javed married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik for the third time. She also belongs to Pakistan. Shoaib Malik ended his 13-year marriage with sania mirza and married sana Javed. sania mirza has come forward and is said to have divorced Shoaib Malik. Pakistani cricket fans are mad at sana Javed even though there is no problem in their lives anymore. A chant of "Sania Mirza" was raised during the pakistan Super League t20 cricket match in Pakistan.
Sana Javed was there to watch her husband Shoaib Malik play for the Karachi Kings. In an attempt to tease her, some fans started chanting Sania Mirza. sana Javed tried not to notice it at first. But those fans deliberately shouted at sana Javed as sania mirza again and again to provoke her anger. sana Javed lost her patience and looked at those fans angrily. Those fans took a video of it and shared it on the internet. It has spread rapidly in pakistan and has become news in all media. Despite breaking up with Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza's name continues to be the talk of the town in Pakistan. Shoaib Malik is participating in various t20 series around the world. He is currently participating in the pakistan Super League t20 series. Shoaib Malik scored a half-century of 53 runs off 35 balls while sana Javed was present to watch his match. However, his team Karachi Kings lost by 55 runs.

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