Chess player Tania Sachdev entertained her fans on X with an unusual yet entertaining game. The task required Tania asking her followers to modify a photo that she had posted on february 27 since she wasn't happy with it.
Tania is seen in the picture standing in front of a massive statue of a horse. She said that the way the statue was positioned gave the impression that the horse was treading on her head.
She uploaded the picture and said, "Hey, can anyone reposition the horse in this photo, so it doesn't look like it's stepping on my head?" as a playful message to her fans.

She encouraged her followers to express themselves creatively through her post. As her fans realised the assignment, they flooded the comments area with several altered versions of the original photo, resulting in over 1.5 million views for the post.

Social media users jumped at the chance to participate as soon as it was released online. The changes were quite different, presenting a variety of funny blogs as a solution to Tania's lighthearted predicament.
A number of internet communities choose to make minor alterations to the image using inventive methods.

 While others embraced a more dramatic approach, completely removing the horse or even repositioning Tania herself within the photo.

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