Rajinikanth was slammed by netizens at Ambani house function..!?

The fact that celebrities from various fields are continuously visiting mukesh Ambani's house wedding has become major news. As mukesh Ambani's youngest son anand Ambani is getting married to radhika Merchant, daughter of famous businessman Mergent, the pre-wedding programs are going on continuously. Starting from Billgatess, celebrities from various fields such as Sachin Tendulkar, amitabh bachchan, and Superstar Rajinikanth are also visiting to congratulate the bride and groom. In this case, a video related to Superstar Rajinikanth is currently being widely shared on social media. Superstar Rajinikanth accompanied his wife Lata Rajinikanth and elder daughter aishwarya Rajinikanth to the Ambani house wedding.
Then the housekeeper who accompanies them goes with their belongings. However, in the video which is now being shared virally on the internet, Rajinikanth asks the housekeeper who was standing nearby to take a picture of Rajinikanth's family and ask her to stand aside. Shouldn't that woman who carries Rajinikanth and his wife and daughter's belongings stand next to him? Won't you take a photo with them? netizens are criticizing Rajinikanth. This has been virally shared by the netizens on social media.

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