This is not Work From home but Work from Traffic in Bangalore..!?

The first thing that comes to most people's mind when they think of Bengaluru is the problem of traffic congestion, and the latest is the water problem. Talking to Bengaluru natives and those who live and work there will surely lament the traffic congestion. Residents say that commuting to work and back home through Bengaluru traffic is an epic journey. But a post by a start-up founder on site X that we can use even the time waiting in traffic jams has become a topic of conversation. He posted on X that he had a healthy discussion with a colleague about the company's development while stuck in a traffic jam in Bengaluru.

What is the effect on customers? Ankit Parashar is the founder of Salt, a startup. He has gone to his office in Bangalore by car. Then the vehicle stopped at the signal. He stopped at the signal for a long time and saw an employee on a two-wheeler near his car. After this, both started talking and discussed about taking the company to the next level. Pareshar posted this on his X page with a photo. Before going to Bengaluru, I had heard that it is a city for start-ups and at the same time a city with heavy traffic, but today both have worked together. My staff and I were stuck in a traffic jam and discussed taking our company to the next level. Due to the traffic jam, we are going late to the office, but we have used this time usefully. Many users have sent responses to Paresh's post with different ideas. A user has sarcastically suggested that companies in Bangalore may come up with a new model of work from traffic, similar to work from home. Another said that next time there is a similar traffic jam, you can discuss and implement the new concept of Work From Traffic.

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