The first solar eclipse of 2020 is today. i.e, june 21. If moon comes between Earth and sun, the sun rays are obstructed partially or fully falling on earth which leads to solar eclipse. This comes on no moon day only. But, as per astrology, there is a significance for this eclipse. Based on this stars, the past, present and future will be estimated.


This effect will be more on people. That too pregnants , should be careful. They shouldn’t hold sharp objects, shouldn’t take bath, if they do so, it is harmful to their baby who will be born with problems. As per elders words, pregnants shouldn’t eat food cooked during eclipse time.They can eat bananas, apple, pomegranate but not fruit juices or cooked food.


Due to many changes in atmosphere, the bacteria in food increases. If pregnants eat nonveg, there of chances of getting stomach pain. If they feel hungry, they can take food which are easily digested. If they are taken along with tulasi leaves, it eliminates ‘dosha’ i.e, negative effect. Pregnants are advised to take lots of water. So, it will keep baby and mother hydrated.

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