16 years of pregnancy, World Record!!

A woman in America has done a miracle. She has been pregnant for 16 consecutive years. Became a mother of around 12 children. She is experiencing motherhood alone. Today's women don't want more than one or two children.. But one American woman's views are completely different. She is a mother of 12 children. But she was not satisfied. She wants to have more children.

38-year-old Iris Purnell, who lives in california in the United States, surprised everyone by talking about herself recently on the New York Post website. Iris is a choreographer by profession. She has been pregnant for 16 consecutive years. She became pregnant every year from 2004 to 2019. She is currently a mother of 12 children. Iris Purnell lives with her partner Cordell. She is taking care of her 12 children.

Iris Purnell says she believes pregnancy has taught her a lot. She said she learned to be patient. She met international dancer Cordell in 2005. At that time they both had a child from a previous relationship. Now the couple lives with their 12 children.

And Iris keeps posting videos on tik tok YouTube. people like them a lot. Recently she also posted a video. In it she said that she was pregnant every year for 16 consecutive years. Along with this she said that she wants to get pregnant again.. She said that she misses her pregnancy period a lot. Iris underwent tubal ligation surgery to prevent relapse.

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