Why serious diseases affect working women?

In a life of stress and hectic life, women who are handling work both at home and outside are paying less attention to themselves. This is the reason why diseases are increasing in them due to carelessness towards health.

Public health Scientist and Head of Department Dr. Pranav Prakash of GD Goenka university says that many serious diseases like PCOS and cervical cancer are increasing rapidly in indian women. Experts believe that even after being health conscious, they are not able to work about their health. She is not paying attention to herself due to the commuting and work of home and office.

Indian women falling prey to these diseases

Depression- Apart from job, many responsibilities of taking care of family and children are also making women a victim of stress. Lack of entertainment and social isolation have started affecting their mental health. Due to the same routine for a long time, she is coming into depression.

Obesity- Weight gain is becoming a big problem due to lack of time. Due to fatigue and lack of time, these women, who are getting away from exercise, are facing the problem of increasing weight. Due to increasing weight, many other problems have also started increasing. 

Migraine- Migraine is also becoming a serious reason due to stress and eating disorders.

Blood pressure - high cholesterol and diabetes - all these three diseases are increasing rapidly in women. 

The only way to prevent these diseases

The only way to avoid any serious disease is to pay attention to your health. Regular body checkup along with proper diet, lifestyle and exercise can prevent diseases from progressing.

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