Suriya is returning to the big screen after an almost two-and-a-half-year hiatus. Aakashaame Ne Haddura and jai Bheem, his most recent flicks, were both released on Prime Video. Both efforts were successful in the end. Suriyaa, on the other hand, hasn't had much success in the theatre for a long time. With the exception of direct OTT premieres, the actor has had a streak of disappointments. With his new feature ET, he plans to make a big turnaround in theatres.

ET, billed as a commercial melodrama with a moral message, is finally launched today, after multiple setbacks, in both tamil and telugu dialects. Suriyaa is taking a major chance by clashing with Prabhas' Radhe Shyam, which is set to hit theatres tomorrow. Suriya needs a blockbuster with ET in order to reclaim his dwindling theatrical business, particularly in telugu areas. In addition, he is working on his next two movies with Baala and Vetrimaaraan.

Both of those films are unconventional. Because they aren't typical commercial films, we can't forecast how well they'll do at the box office. It is critical for Suriya to succeed with ET in order to secure solid openers for those films. If ET fails to perform well at the box office, his following two films may also struggle, and the ticket sales fate of both films is totally dependent on the content. As a result, ET proves to be a litmus test for this excellent actress. By effectively attacking Radhe Shyam, it should become a sensation and endure at the box office. Let's wait and see whether that transpires.

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