Naaga Babu's stunning makeover has taken the internet by storm. The 60-year-old performer not only appears to be very few decades younger, but also demonstrates that aging is nothing but a statistic. Naaga Babu flaunted his gray beards and handlebars mustache in a series of photos and fans are praising his 'Mega' makeover and that was applauded and appreciated by netizens too.

Close-up photos of him gazing passionately away from the viewer impressed his social media followers. Several Mega clan followers complimented the actor on his transformation. Naaga Babu has also recently shed weight and appears to be getting better with age. "Naaga Sreenu, Your brilliance will always lead path to Your Accomplishment," he commented the photos, praising his makeup artist naga Sreenu. My "Gift of Thanks" for this Wonderful Makeover is the Check I donated to encourage You! eep Up The Great Work...!"

In addition, the actor uploaded a photo of himself with Sreenu's folks. Naaga Babu is seen delivering a cheque as a symbol of thanks. Meanwhile, the actor has been making news recently for a variety of reasons, and he recently announced to his followers that he has become a vegan.

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