Sharon Stone's epic reaction to Shah Rukh Khan!!!

Shah Rukh Khan is not only in bollywood but also in Hollywood. An example of this was seen on thursday at the ongoing red Sea international Film festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Shah Rukh Khan was awarded the award for his significant contribution to the industry. He was given a voice to give the award. As soon as shahrukh khan stood up to receive the award, he was shocked to see the American actress sitting next to him. There was also some chatter between the two, the video of which has gone viral on social media.

In fact, many indian celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan and priyanka chopra had reached the ongoing red Sea international Film festival in Jeddah, saudi arabia on Thursday. hollywood celebrities also participated in this ceremony. These include the names of many celebrities from around the world including American actress Sharon Stone, british director Guy Ritchie, filmmaker Oliver Stone and Egyptian icon Yousra.

American Sharon's reaction video went viral

A video of this ceremony is going viral on social media. In this, American actor Sharon Stone is seen sitting with bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Both were sitting next to each other, but they were not aware of it. As soon as Shah Rukh Khan stood up from his seat to receive the award, American actress Sharon, sitting nearby, was shocked to see Khan. After this both of them talked to each other. The video of her reaction has gone viral on social media. Not only this, people are also tweeting and commenting fiercely on this video.

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