Celebrities should refrain from expressing their opinions as it is impossible to please everyone due to diverse preferences. Regardless of whether certain lifestyle choices stem from childhood habits, the issue arises when one must adapt to certain norms, such as abstaining from alcohol.

 Vijay Devarakonda, the lively actor known for his rise to stardom without familial connections, has recently come under scrutiny for his exuberant behavior. Despite his unconventional journey from short films to becoming a Pan india sensation, he has faced criticism for his rowdy image.

Devarakonda, in a candid revelation, shared insights into his dietary restrictions for maintaining fitness. He reminisced about missing his favorite childhood dishes while in a hostel, lamenting the need to control his diet for the sake of his physique in the film industry. Despite his success, he admitted his weakness for hyderabad Biryani, expressing a deep connection to its aroma and taste. 

However, his newfound stardom has compelled him to curb his indulgence in biryani, especially during film shoots where diet plans restrict his food choices. Currently engaged in projects like 'Family Star' and a film directed by gautham Tinnanuri, Devarakonda's journey continues to captivate audiences with high expectations surrounding his upcoming releases. While his outspoken nature and dietary struggles may attract criticism, his success in the industry remains undeniable.

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