Shruti Haasan, who has been acting in telugu and tamil movies, is away from tollywood due to some reasons. But she will re-enter again and make a series of films. shruti haasan is in super form in telugu this year. She acted in two films Veera simha Reddy Waltheru Veeraiya which came to Sankranti. 

After those two hits, Shruti's demand increased further. On the other hand, She will also act in prabhas Salaar. After Salaar, shruti haasan signed an english film called The Eye. shruti haasan is back in the race after saying Okay to senior hero films in Telugu. After Salaar, shruti haasan is sure to receive a series of crazy offers in Tollywood.

Shruti is also currently focusing on tollywood where she is getting offers. In terms of career, even if there is a gap in tollywood, it can be said that it is good for sales. She is taking every chance that comes her way without realizing that doing it with senior heroes like chiru balayya will put her career at risk. That's why shruti came back into form in Telugu.

With Pawan and Vakil Saab chiru and Waltheru Veeraiya balayya and Veera simha Reddy acting in three big films, it makes sense that the demand for shruti in telugu will continue. Apart from telugu, shruti haasan also signs films in Tamil.

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