Telugu bigg boss has served as a platform to introduce several lesser-known actresses to the audience, catapulting them to newfound fame and popularity on social media. Among these emerging stars, Divi stands out as the one who has achieved celebrity status, showcasing her heroine-like features.

Despite her prominent presence and appeal, Divi has faced challenges in landing significant roles in the film industry, often being tagged as a "Telugu girl." However, her social media following is robust, and Divi consistently engages her audience by sharing glimpses of her beauty and lifestyle. Her charm transcends both traditional and modern attires, earning her admiration from fans and netizens alike.

A recent photo shoot featuring Divi in a green silk saree garnered significant attention, with the images going viral. Subsequently, Divi shared a video from the same photo shoot, capturing the hearts of her followers. netizens have been effusive in their praise, emphasizing Divi's exceptional beauty in both the photos and the video.

The viral nature of Divi's beauty showcases, coupled with the positive reception from social media users, further solidifies her status as a beloved figure among fans. As Divi continues to capture attention with her captivating presence, it remains to be seen how her career in the entertainment industry unfolds, leveraging the momentum gained from her bigg boss stint and social media popularity.

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