Nayanthara, recognized as the lady superstar in the South film industry, has carved a distinctive niche for herself. While actively engaging in a series of South indian films, she made her bollywood debut last year with 'Jawaan,' achieving a resounding success and setting a record by sharing the screen with top star Shah Rukh Khan in her inaugural hindi film. 

Notably, she received a substantial remuneration of 11 crores for this venture, solidifying her position as the highest-paid heroine in the South. Despite being a senior actress, Nayanthara, known for competing with younger counterparts, commands remuneration ranging from 6 to 10 crores per film. Recently, there's been social media buzz regarding Nayanthara turning down a staggering offer of 50 crores for a film titled 'The Legend,' featuring tamil businessman Saravanan as the hero. 

However, the news circulating suggests that the lady superstar declined the offer, sparking discussions on various platforms. The film, which eventually starred urvashi rautela as the heroine, faced challenges upon its 2022 release and received a lukewarm response. While Nayanthara was initially approached for the role, even with the significant 50 crores remuneration offer, she reportedly rejected the opportunity.

However, latest information indicates that these rumors surrounding Nayanthara's decision are baseless, and the rejection of the 50 crores offer is not accurate. Despite clarifications, social media continues to circulate the news, with Nayanthara's fans contributing to its propagation. The actress, with her steadfast career choices, continues to be a prominent figure in the South indian film industry.

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