Pooja Hegde, known for her scintillating instagram activities, has been relatively quiet lately, offering fans a visual feast with her stunning photos. While the entertainment industry experiences a slowdown, pooja continues to captivate her followers with her beauty. However, there's a sense that she may not be as active on instagram as before, with fewer updates and infrequent vacation posts, mostly featuring airport pictures.

A recent video of pooja walking in mumbai airport has gone viral, showcasing her enchanting beauty. Dressed in a white shirt paired with blue jeans, and sporting black glasses, she exuded charm and elegance. With a smile on her lips, pooja seemed to float through the airport, drawing the attention of everyone around. Spectators were reportedly left in awe of her beauty, with some women even expressing a tinge of jealousy. The video, capturing this moment, has become a sensation on Instagram.

As usual, Pooja's instagram comments overflow with admiration, reaffirming that despite a decrease in film appearances, her popularity remains unwavering. Fans express love and admiration, with comments praising her never-before-seen looks. Amidst a reassessment of her career, rumors suggest that pooja is seriously considering telugu opportunities, with speculation about locked stories. However, clarity on this matter is awaited.

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