India has a huge population with diverse people. While indians have spread across the globe, there are some countries where not a single indian citizen resides, except for diplomatic personnel. These nations include Vatican City, the world's smallest country, where despite its tiny population, no indians are found. Similarly, in San Marino, a republic with a population of over 335,000, indians are absent except for occasional tourists.

Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, with a population of over 6.9 million, also lacks an indian residential presence beyond diplomatic officials. While some indians may visit as tourists, permanent settlement is rare. Tuvalu, known as Ellice Islands, situated in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, boasts a population of about 12,000 but has no indian residents. This independent nation, established in 1978, remains untouched by indian settlement, with only a limited presence of diplomatic officials.

Interestingly, even in neighbouring pakistan, tensions between the countries and prevailing economic and political conditions deter indian settlement. Except for diplomatic officers and prisoners, indian citizens generally avoid residing in pakistan due to strained relations and security concerns. Thus, while indians are scattered worldwide, these countries remain devoid of an indian residential presence.

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