The first schedule of Superstar mahesh babu and Star director Trivikram's third film, which we previously revealed, began recently with an excellent action sequence. The shooting has finally come to an end as the crew prepares for the dasara holidays, following which they will work together once more. Here is some clarification on a major rumour. According to several social media users, the battle choreography created by the combat experts Anbu and Arivu hasn't pleased Mahesh and Trivikram.

But given that these two received a National Award for their magnificent and breath-taking action work in "KGF: Chapter 1," it is safe to say that they cannot be dismissed so simply. So what's going on? Is trivikram looking to switch action directors? producer Naga vamsi of sithara Entertainment confirmed that they are really pleased with the results in the midst of these rumours.

"The first schedule of #SSMB28 has been finished with some incredible high-octane action scenes that are just sick. He posted a message on social media thanking Anbu and Arivu masters for their incredible stunt choreography to put an end to the rumours. At the same time, he declared that the sultry pooja hegde will take part in the movie's second session, which will begin after the dasara holidays.

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