As part of his overall aim, Bharat Rashtra Samithi president and telangana chief minister k chandrasekhar rao is getting ready to introduce his party in adjacent andhra pradesh as well. party insiders claim that the BRS may run in the upcoming andhra pradesh assembly elections, which will take place a few months after the telangana polls, which are planned for December. However, kcr must also lay the groundwork for the party's expansion in Andhra Pradesh.

He needs potential cadres and leaders in that state for it, which is difficult given the widespread anti-KCR sentiment there. The BRS president is reportedly seeking capable leaders from other political parties to expand the party network. He reportedly has leaders of the telugu desam party in his sights because of their close ties to Telangana. These sources claim that kcr has identified some Andhra politicians who own substantial real estate and have commercial ventures in and around Hyderabad. They would be persuaded to join the BRS and forced to run in the upcoming elections.

"They are keeping cordial connections with the BRS government despite the numerous controversies surrounding their telangana estates. They risk suffering severe losses if they turn down KCR's offer. Therefore, they may join the BRS to safeguard their corporate interests, according to a source. According to information obtained, telangana minister Talasani Srinivasa Yadav, who has extensive contacts with Andhra leaders, notably the tdp leaders, has been given the duty of luring potential tdp leaders into the BRS.

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