According to a report from the Central Government, 12,61,471 crores worth of foreign direct investments (FDIs) entered india between october 2019 and september 2022. Of that amount, 3,51,330 crores, or 27.87%, went to Maharashtra. With 2,93,106 Crores, maharashtra ranks in second place with 23.26% of that total. Andhra Pradesh, which was once among the top five states on this list under Chandrababu, is currently afflicted with policy paralysis. The current administration places a higher priority on giveaways than on investments and job creation.

As a result, the state is not even in the Top-10 list of states currently. During this time, the state has only received a pitiful 4,960 crore in FDI. That does not represent 1% of all FDIs that enter India. Only 0.39% of India's total FDIs are represented by that. The neighbouring telangana state, which is eighth in the nation and received FDIs totaling 33,025 Crores during the same period, received merely 15% as much as the telangana government.

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister, said on tuesday that his government's top priority is to accelerate infrastructure growth and draw foreign direct investment. He claimed that in recent years, investments had been leaving the state because the infrastructure had not kept up with rising business expectations.

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