Shahrukh Khan, a superstar, has finally landed a box office smash with "Pathaan." The range is so vast that it will surpass the record of 600 crores, and the trade predicts that it will surpass the #RRR collection of $14 million in the USA as well. And the other day, SRK engaged with the media for the first time to share their success and his comments.

The Superstar really made some fascinating remarks regarding the diversity they are displaying in movies the other day at the media gathering. In response to a query, SRK stated, "Deepika Padukone is Amar, I'm Akbar, and john abraham is Anotny, and that's the type of inclusivity we have represented in the film." It seems to be pointing out how members of various religions work together in a movie to amuse viewers. That probably makes a clear reference to the criticism and boycott requests Pathaan has received as a result of the orange bikini deepika wore in the Besharam Rang song.

According to observers, SRK didn't make it very explicit, but in reality, this is a subtle jab at all of the assailants who attempted to bring down Pathaan. After all was said and done, even the superstar forgot about all the criticism levelled at the movie and him when Pathaan became a huge success at the box office and thoroughly relished the success.

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