Recently, news broke that hollywood action choreographer Kenny Bates had joined the cast and crew of Jr. NTR's upcoming movie starring koratala siva, tentatively titled #NTR30. Here's some information about the type of action scenes they plan to create, which will have impressive visual effects as well as breathtaking feats.

As we've already mentioned, the plot of #NTR30 centers on a fishing community, a harbor, a port mafia, and other things. The plot includes several action scenes, including one aboard a fleet of fishing boats, another in a port, and one on a big container ship that transports cargo between nations. This scenario will reportedly be planned by koratala and Kenny Bates at this time, and it will only be shot on the first schedule. The water and the other half of the ship will be generated using computer graphics, while the first half of the ship is already being built as a set.

It has been reported that this action scene, which occurs just before the movie's finale, was created with international combatants and a variety of new technology cameras. This time, koratala is claimed to have concentrated heavily on the action portion of the movie because he wants it to compete with Jr. NTR's global star image.

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