Sanjay Dutt Birthday: Story of 308 girlfriends?


Sanjay Dutt made his bollywood debut in 1981 with the movie Rocky, and since then, he has appeared in more than 187 films. These people range from heroic to evil ones. Let us inform you that despite media rumours to the contrary, sanjay dutt actually does have 308 girlfriends. Sanjay Dutt's life is actually the subject of the movie Sanju. He acknowledged having an affair with 308 girls in this movie.

You'll be startled to learn that there was a moment in Sanjay Dutt's life when he had an affair with three girls at once. sanjay dutt himself disclosed this in an interview. He had made it plain that he was seeing three girls at once, but he was never discovered. 

The ill wife was neglected in favour of a girlfriend. In 1987, sanjay dutt wed Richa Sharma. Richa travelled to America for treatment for her brain cancer a few days after the wedding. He became very busy in bollywood during that period. It is reported that sanjay dutt and madhuri dixit grew close to one another while filming the 1991 movie Saajan. Richa left the therapy and travelled to india as soon as she learned about Sanjay and Madhuri's relationship. sanjay dutt did not even pick Richa up from the airport at that time.

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