Samantha: Since my upbringing not rich, I prioritized success!!!

The actress samantha Ruth Prabhu has revealed that, having not had an opulent upbringing, her focus has always been on success since she was a little child. On her podcast "Take20," samantha talked about this subject. Through sharing her experiences, she hopes to help others sympathize, understand, and ask for help when they need it. Samantha and wellness coach and nutritionist Alkesh Sharotri talked about the fight-or-flight reaction of the human body in a particular episode.

"I used to think that tiredness and the need for relaxation were indicators of fragility. Myositis is an autoimmune ailment that the actress, who has been diagnosed with, expressed her pride in being a hustler, flourishing on only six hours of sleep, and being incredibly busy throughout the day.

It takes a lot of effort and strain, particularly when you're scrutinized and in the public eye all the time. Some women enter this area at even younger ages—22 or 23—than I did when I first started.  We allow others to dictate and define us; we don't enter this knowing everything," the woman remarked.

"I've been letting others define me since childhood, creating a pattern where I worked tirelessly to please and seek approval from others," samantha remarked, reflecting on her own journey. My own desires, feelings, and thoughts eventually faded into the background. After she succeeded, fears surfaced. "After I succeeded, I was afraid of losing it and started looking for my next major project right away Consequently, I believe that I've been in fight-or-flight mode my entire career," she remarked.

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