The elections for the telugu Movie Artist Association (MAA) have concluded. The way the two panels were exploited in the run-up to the election, the language employed, and the press conferences have all undermined telugu people's respect for the film industry. The MAA's reputation has sunk. The struggle was won by Manchu Vishnu, Mohan Babu's son, who was backed by the seniors.

Prakash raj had resigned from the MAA, claiming that the organisation was full of narrow-mindedness and regional sentiments. prakash raj and his panel members addressed the media on Tuesday, saying that cross-voting occurred during the elections. After seeing significant unfairness during the vote counting, he stated he has been debating with his panel to reach a judgement.

Now, Prakash Raju has sent a letter to Krishnamohan, MAA's election Officer, about the sad occurrences that happened during the just ended MAA elections. He scribbled "The tensions were high, and DRC member Sri mohan babu and ex-president Sri naresh displayed disorderly, anti-social behaviour. They verbally harassed, intimidated, and physically assaulted MAA members. I'm guessing you utilised your discretionary powers to let them and their goons into the polling booth. The media had a field day with some of the visuals that were leaked. The maa elections and subsequent occurrences rendered us a laughingstock in the public view. The behaviour of a few well-known figures has sparked outrage. Even MAA members were curious about the reality behind the reports. During your briefings, you mentioned the use of CC cameras during polling. I'm certain they taped everything. As a result, I respectfully urge that you provide us with a CCTV video. It is our democratic right to have all pertinent polling information. It is your responsibility as a polling officer to keep all records for at least three months."

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