Suriya along with his family has fled to Dubai, uae and several cases are lodged against him regarding jai Bhim movie. In chidambaram court, the Vanniyar Sangam filed a complaint against the Jay Beam film crew. The case was postponed to the 29th of this month, according to the judge. Throughout tamil Nadu, Bamagavans and Vanniyar Sangams have protested the film jai Beam's disrespect to the Vanniyar community. 

Several police departments have received complaints about the crew. In light of this, Arulmozhi has filed a case in the 2nd Magistrate's court against Jay Beam film crew 2D, actor Surya, actress Jyotika, director Gnanaveel, and amazon for spreading defamation, instigating violence between the two communities, and violating the public peace. The case was accepted by Magistrate Sakthivel, who adjourned it until november 29.

"The casket of Akki, the sacred emblem of the Vanni, has been misinterpreted in the film," claimed State Vanniyar Sangam President P.D. Arulmozhi. Kurumurthy is the name of the film's assistant inspector. This was reported to several police stations. However, nothing was done. As a result, we have taken the case to court. In general, the film's director was unable to accept the apology. Surya, the actor, should apologise to Vanniyar Sangam and Bamaka directly. If not, he claims, the following phase will be a tremendous struggle.

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