The much-anticipated film "Beast," starring Thalapathy Vijay, was recently available on Netflix, and many telugu fans who missed it in theatres are now catching up. While the film is already a disappointment owing to the poor pickup and portrayal of the plot, there is one aspect that many people enjoy. Most of them are in love with Pooja's hip movements and they have fallen in love with her hot show in that song and the tune was also catchy.

Though the full video song for the superhit Habibo is currently available on YouTube, the movie contains a lead sequence for it. pooja hegde mounts the stage during a wedding and begins dancing to this song. If we must say so, her captivating allure in that ethnic clothing, paired with beautiful dance moves and seductive emotions, has everyone's attention right now.

Because fans have been praising the actress for her particular dance routine on social media, she has now uploaded the footage on her instagram page. According to the post, pooja was overjoyed by all the love she was receiving for her opening act of Halamithi Habibo aka Arabic Kuthu song. That is, after a hat-trick of recent disappointments, her only bright spot.

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