The telugu film industry has had a terrible month with none of the movies truly doing well at the box office. As a result of the public's distaste for movies like Pakka Commercial, Happy Birthday, The Warrior, Thank You, and Ramarao On Duty, every release has failed at the box office. After that cloudy period, the sun finally emerges, and tollywood is now feeling quite happy.

Kalyanram's Bimbisara enjoys a strong opening thanks to excellent promotions and widespread buzz. people are queuing up outside theatres, especially in B&C centres, to purchase tickets for this movie. Since there isn't any other competition, the movie will undoubtedly make a sizable amount at the counters in the first week thanks to positive word of mouth.

Similar to A centres and multiplexes, Sitaramam has benefited greatly from the popularity of Dulquer salman and director Hanu Raghavapudi's ability to produce some breathtaking graphics. Already, young people and college students are swarming to theatres to view this elegant love story, which will quickly bring the movie great success. After months of waiting, many theatres have now had the opportunity to display "housefull" at the gates, which is undoubtedly a good omen.

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