The Dr. ntr university of health Sciences in andhra pradesh is being actively discussed by a number of persons in the telugu states. The institution was given a new name by the ap government, replacing ntr with Dr. YSR. The tdp and the yellow media had been up in arms about the university removing NTR's name. Vemuri Radha Krishna, a prominent member of the yellow media, published an editorial in his andhra jyothi newspaper in which he claimed that jagan Mohan reddy had humiliated ntr and the entire telugu community by omitting their names.

In his eenadu newspaper, Cherukuri ramoji rao produced all the excitement as though jagan Mohan reddy had insulted NTR. However, the tdp, which ntr created in 1983, no longer bears NTR's name because chandrababu naidu did so. In addition to having his name removed from the tdp, NTR's sculptures and portraits were also taken down from the tdp office in the then-united Andhra Pradesh. Wasn't that a slight against telugu people? Were telugu speakers pleased with Chandrababu Naidu's decision to remove ntr from the TDP?

Are Telugus all across the world only now being insulted, or was 1995 already an insult to them? When ntr was attacked with chappals in front of the Viceroy Hotel, were the telugu people pleased? When ntr was denied the opportunity to address the assembly in august 1995, were telugu speakers around the world glad about it? What message are the yellow party and media trying to convey? The telugu people are blamed for everything that may help the yellow gang!

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