The newest movie from legendary director Maniratnam, "Ponniyan Selvan 1," is already in theatres and has garnered good reviews in Tamil, but not so well in other tinsel towns. Additionally, collections are excellent in Tamilnadu, although they haven't gotten off to a great start in other tinsel cities. The biggest surprise from PS1 is this, in the end.

When we first watch the PS1 teaser, we get the impression that Vikram, who plays the movie's hero, was experiencing sadness because of Nandini (Aishwarya Rai), and that he subsequently starts dating Kundavi (Trisha). Although they claim that vikram and Aish fell in love in the beginning and trisha plays the part of Vikram's sister, the movie doesn't actually depict their romance.

Instead, it appears to be a triangle love story. Since we have seen these two as hero-heroine in a few movies like Saamy and Bheema, it is obvious that the audience is booing and protesting when she refers to vikram as "anna" in the moment. Well, in the case of thrillers and horror films, showing a new perspective in the trailer and highlighting something else in the movie does work, but not in epic movies. Perhaps Maniratnam ought to have marketed the movie in line with the plot; it would have been very beneficial.

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