In order to participate in the song shoot for #RC15, which stars scorching actress kiara advani as the primary lead, mega powerstar ram charan recently travelled to New Zealand. Recently, the actress arrived on the island nation's set of the movie where choreographer Bosco-Caesar and director Shankar will be filming a magnificent song. new zealand is currently experiencing nonstop shooting.

Today, kiara advani uploaded a picture of herself on the movie set eating burgers with buggers for breakfast. After posting a photo of the entire cast, including people like hair stylist Hakim Aalim and choreographer Bosco Martis, kiara and Charan posed with their hamburgers as they prepared to bite into them. In fact, ram charan looks like bollywood actor kartik aaryan in that particular photo.

Everyone was interested in the context in which kiara advani used the word "buggers" in her reply. Because in standard UK English, the term "the bugger" is a derogatory slur for men that is exclusively used to swear at someone. It appears that kiara also uses a cuss word, which is sometimes the goal of contemporary urbane jargon. Stay tuned to this space for more updates in this regard.

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