In the remand report submitted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on wednesday for the arrest of businessman amit Arora in the delhi liquor policy scam, the name of trs leader K. kavitha has been mentioned. One of the members of the "South Group" has been identified as Kavitha, a telangana Legislative Council member and the chief minister's (K. chandrasekhar Rao) daughter. businessman Vijay Nair, who has already been detained in connection with the case, allegedly accepted payments worth Rs 100 crore from a group known as "South Group" on behalf of AAP leaders, according to the remand report.

According to the remand report, the strategy encouraged cartel formations by sneakily awarding enormous wholesale (12%) and retail (185%) profit margins and encouraging other unlawful acts due to the criminal conspiracy of AAP leaders. "AAP leaders were intended to get half of the 12% wholesaler profit as a bribe. According to the inquiry done so far, Vijay Nair got at least Rs 100 crore in kickbacks on behalf of AAP officials from a company called South Group, which is owned by Sarath Reddy, K. Kavitha, and Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy. amit Arora, the person who was arrested, revealed this in his statements "the report is read.

Kavitha's name hasn't previously come up in the probe. She was accused of being involved in the scandal by bjp mp Parvesh varma and former mla Manjinder Singh Sirsa in August. kavitha filed a defamation lawsuit, and the City Civil court in hyderabad issued an interim order telling the bjp leaders not to make any defamatory remarks against her. The accusations were described as "totally unfounded" by Kavitha. She asserted that the bjp government is in control of all agencies and that they are free to conduct any necessary investigations with her full cooperation.

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