A star's movie is due for release on february 9th, but the OTT premieres are all scheduled for the next day. This is one of those perplexing acts. The telugu theatrical release of Siva RajKumar's Vedha - The Brutal 1960s film is receiving a tremendous promotion. The production team is organizing a pre-release event on february 7 with Nandamuri balakrishna as the main guest in preparation for the film's release on february 9th.

We really wonder how NBK agreed to be part of this event which is of no use and it's absolutely a dumb thing in fact. While the kannada version was launched on december 22 of last year, the telugu version will be released on february 9th. However, it's unclear why the team is making such a big deal out of marketing the telugu release when the OTT version will be out the next day.

Some believe that since it had already been 50 days since the film's first theatrical release, the producers had little choice except to halt the online video release. In addition, this appears to be a practise run for Siva Rajkumar's upcoming film, The Ghost, which appears to be an all-Indian production. Siva Rajkumar is working hard to expand his market in telugu states, just like all other top actors from other languages are doing. We'll see if Siva Rajkumar's Vedha generates any buzz after its telugu theatrical debut.

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