Simmering anger within the party is now coming to the surface following the most recent failure of the ruling ysr congress party in the MLC elections. Several YSRC MLAs are now openly criticising the party leadership's unsuccessful MLC election strategy, which gave the public the idea that the opposition telugu desam party was making a comeback. It's interesting to note that several of these MLAs have issues with Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, the party general secretary and advisor to state minister and party president Y S jagan Mohan Reddy.

He talks disrespectfully to the MLAs and shows no sign of regard for them. He prevents them from meeting jagan and has established himself as a barrier between them. He is acting as the party's de facto head and chief minister, making decisions in Jagan's place, a senior party leader claimed.
He claims that Sajjala has been providing jagan with inaccurate feedback regarding numerous MLAs who disobey his orders. "The party lost the MLC seats in the graduates' constituencies due to Sajjala's incorrect strategies," he claimed.

The indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), led by Rishi raj Singh, employed the wrong strategies, which was a significant contributing reason to the party's defeat in the MLC elections. "The I-PAC team has not been providing accurate ground reports and is misleading the party. But because Sajjala is so closely involved with it, the team is able to get away with it. jagan is being misled by I-PAC and Sajjala, according to the party leader.

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