Being an international tourist city, Utigai attracts more than 30 lakh tourists every year. Also, around 1.5 lakh people live in the city. However, Utagai municipality is lagging behind in providing basic facilities including sanitation and drinking water. There is drinking water and sanitation problem in many wards.

Garbage piled up in the wards is not removed, so it gets blown in the air and scattered all over the street. As the garbage bins have also been removed, people are throwing garbage in the area.

Cattle encroaching on the area in search of food is seen as a health hazard. In the absence of dustbins, many people put garbage in bags and throw it away in deserted areas and forests. As the latrines are not properly maintained, they use open spaces as latrines.

Utagai A.T.C. Near Central bus Stand Road, H.A.T.B. Many places are used as open toilets, including the road leading to the arena, district collector's office area, Uthagai maternity hospital, market and shelters where vehicles are parked. The main reason for this is the ``Namma Toilet'' project, which the local people call it.

In this regard, they said, "The long-standing toilets in the city were removed and a project called 'Namma Toilet' was introduced a few years ago. Through this project, western-style toilets were set up. Not only local people, but also tourists found it difficult to use them.

Also, these toilets are not properly maintained and are lying useless. Due to this, tourists suffer without toilet facilities. Therefore, the municipal administration should immediately renovate the useless toilets in the city and bring them into use," he said.

According to Municipal Vice President J. Ravikumar, "Useless latrines in Uthagai city have been identified and they have been urged to repair them.

Suitable places will be selected for the convenience of local people and tourists and steps will be taken to set up health complexes," he said.

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