Silk Smitha's name is now linked with beautiful parts, jaw-dropping features, and a terrible personal life, but there was a time when her birth name, vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, desired nothing more than to be taken seriously as an actor. She was one of the most sought-after performers until her strange death in 1996, which stunned the nation. She was born on december 2, 1960, in eluru district, Andhra Pradesh.

When asked by Filmfare in 1984 why she preferred attractive parts, Silk replied, "I want to be a character actor like Savitri, Sujata, and Sarita." However, in my second film, Vandichakkaram, I portrayed a character named Silk Smitha, and that's the type of part that followed. people praised my performance, and my desire remained the same, yet I kept getting given glossy jobs, and I couldn't let filmmakers down. I want to establish myself as a character actor, but I will never ask for these jobs. Producers and directors rely on my abilities to help them market their films. "I'll take whatever roles come my way."

As she remarked, there were moments when people would go to the theatre merely to witness her dance or play a vampy character on-screen. She established herself not just in the telugu and tamil film industries, but also in the Malayalam, Kannada, and hindi film sectors. She appeared in over 450 films over her nearly two-decade career. Silk spent the majority of her career playing cabaret dancers or ladies who were everything from coy. Later in her career, she would play a freakishly strong agent beating up gangsters in a bikini in a number of flicks.

Despite being typecast, Silk did occasionally obtain parts that allowed her to realize her desire to be considered seriously. In the 1981 tamil film Alaigal Oivathillai, she played Elissy, a woman who cannot accept that she passively assisted her husband in sexually assaulting a domestic helper. She co-starred alongside kamal haasan and sridevi in the 1982 tamil film Moondram Pirai, which was adapted in hindi as Sadma. However, such roles were sadly few and few between for her.

Silk's death was discovered in her flat on september 23, 1996, with a suicide note. She had informed her pal the night before that something serious was bothering her. Despite the fact that considerable alcohol was discovered in her body after death, her death remains a mystery. In July of last year, a message allegedly written by the star before her death went viral on social media.

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