At this year's Conference of Parties (COP28) climate meeting in Dubai, india and china did not sign the global renewable and energy efficiency promise. The promise aimed to treble the world's renewable energy objective by 2030. Meanwhile, 118 countries have promised to treble their use of renewable energy. The Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge promises to tripling global installed renewable energy generating capacity to at least 11,000 GW by 2030 and triple the global average annual rate of energy efficiency gains to more than 4%.

The worldwide conference, which began on thursday and will end on december 12, is attended by about 100,000 participants from 198 nations. prime minister Narendra Modi suggested hosting the United Nations Climate Conference in india in 2028 on Friday. He also developed the 'Green Credit Initiative,' which aims to create carbon sinks through citizen engagement.

On the second day of the UN climate conference (COP28) in Dubai, the prime minister stated that affluent countries should entirely cut their carbon footprint "well before" 2050 and give the poor countries their rightful share of the global carbon budget. He also asked governments to provide real results on climate funding at COP28 in order to assist emerging and poor countries in combating climate change.

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