Madhya Pradesh election Results : bjp Ahead...

Today, the results of the madhya pradesh election are being announced. Voter tallying started at 8 a.m. IST. On november 17, 2023, the 230 members of the madhya pradesh Legislative assembly were chosen in elections. There was only one round of voting.

Apart from the brief 15-month period during which the Kamal Nath-led administration held power when the congress took office in 2018, madhya pradesh has been a bjp stronghold for the past 20 years. Remarkably, though, four-time chief minister shivraj singh chouhan of the bjp has not been formally announced as the party's nominee for president in 2023.

Will there be another five years of the bharatiya janata party, or BJP? Or will the congress, having sat in opposition for more than 20 years, finally succeed in winning back a full term?

Jyotiraditya Scindia of the bjp states, "We felt that the people's blessings will be with us in madhya pradesh given the public welfare projects of our double engine government... I have no doubt that the bjp will receive their approvals, and we will form the government with an overwhelming majority."

The state leader of the congress, kamal nath, is lagging behind in Madhya Pradesh. In an attempt to be proactive, congress had already earlier in the day posted banners thanking kamal nath and even declared that he will run for congress as the CM. The congress is very concerned about its primary candidate's decline, even though these are early tendencies. shivraj singh chouhan of the bjp, however, is in the lead. He is seeking a sixth term as Chief Minister.

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