Threatening Michaung cyclone..!? Flood forest..!?

The minister of electricity, Finance, and HRD has inspected the power board control room in Chennai. It has also been announced that electricity connection will be stopped in many places as a precaution. Cyclone Michaung is expected to make landfall on december 5th, and the coastal areas of chennai and tamil Nadu are experiencing strong winds and heavy rains. Many places especially in chennai have been flooded. Due to the problem of running urban buses, there are reports that the passengers coming from outside places like Tambaram, Koyambedu, Central railway station, and Egmore railway station are suffering from not being able to go to their native places.
The cyclonic storm is likely to move northwesterly towards North tamil Nadu and South andhra pradesh and finally make landfall between nellore and Masulipatnam on december 5. It is also expected that this storm will have wind gusts of 90 to 110 kmph when it makes landfall. Therefore, the government has advised people to stop traveling outside unnecessarily given the storm warning, and those who are planning to travel abroad should make their plans a day later. In this case, it has been announced that you can contact the emergency operations center by dialing 1077 to inform about the damage caused by the storm.It has also been said that you can contact the State Emergency Operations Center on 1070 through whatsapp number 9445869848. So aspirants are advised to use these numbers. people are asked to avoid going out unnecessarily

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