On february 9, a guy in hyderabad discovered a worm crawling inside a Cadbury chocolate bar that he had bought from a shop at a metro station. Robin Zaccheus shared a video of the chocolate bar contaminated with worms and the receipt for the purchase from Ratnadeep Retail, a store at the Ameerpet metro station, expressing his sadness over the event.
Social media users have been asking issues concerning product quality checks ever since the event was shared online.

"Today, I bought some Cadbury chocolate in Ratnadeep Metro Ameerpet, and I discovered a worm crawling inside. Are these items that are about to expire subject to a quality check? "Who is accountable for risks to public health?" Robin posed in his X post.

On social media, the post received over 85,000 views after becoming viral. A number of individuals voiced their worries in the post's comments section. The individual was urged to take strong action against the government by a certain sector of the internet.
"This is a serious issue that cannot be brushed aside," this individual wrote. "Take them to court and demand damages," another commenter said.
"Complain to the Cadbury team. Will visit to get the sample and do the investigation," another reply said.
 In response to the post, the official Cadbury Dairy Milk page on X asked Robin to submit further details so they could resolve his problem.


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