Republican nominee for president Nikki Haley blasted former President donald trump on sunday for questioning why Haley's husband wasn't out campaigning. trump is Haley's poll-top competitor. She gave trump a scathing response, asking him to engage in a straight discussion rather than making remarks behind her back.
"You have no idea that Michael is serving our nation overseas. Please don't speak behind my back if you have something to say, Donald. Say it to my face on a debating platform, please," she yelled during a campaign event.
In a subsequent remark, Haley stated, "If you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s licence, let alone to be the President of the United States."

During his saturday campaign stop in Nikki Haley's native South Carolina, trump asked, "What happened to her [Haley] husband?"
"Where is he now? He is no longer there. He was aware. He was aware," said Trump.
"Today, South Carolina hosted a rally for Donald Trump. He also made fun of my husband's military experience at the rally. Michael, my spouse, is serving his nation overseas. About Michael's service, I'm proud. "Any military spouse understands that it's a sacrifice for the family," Haley stated.

A commander in chief who "supports our troops and understands the sacrifices our military families make" is what she asked her supporters to elect.
Participating in this election is more crucial than ever. "This is a fight for our nation's soul," Haley continued.
The only competitor left for Trump's Republican presidential candidature is Nikki Haley. In the days leading up to the Republican primary on february 24, both leaders attacked one another in rallies conducted around South Carolina.

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