The followers of allu arjun were thrilled by the rumours of pushpa 3: The Roar. The supporters would prefer that the second portion, pushpa The Rule, be released on the specified date above any information regarding the third part. The release date of pushpa 2 was set for august 15th of this year. The crew is committed to releasing on the specified date at any costs, and they are working nonstop to make the deadline.

In the meanwhile, two more films are aiming for Pushpa's release date, provided that pushpa is unable to attend. It is said that the creators of Nani's Saripodha Sanivaaram and naga Chaitanya's Thandel are considering releasing their films on august 15th, if at all. Pushpa: Delays cause the Rule to miss the deadline.
Nevertheless, pushpa isn't in the mood to skip that date, and there is still time for that. The director of Nani's Saripodha Sanivaaram is vivek Athreya. priyanka Arul Mohan and SJ Suryah are also seen in the film. Chandoo Mondeti is directing naga Chaitanya's Thandel. According to reports, the film is an action drama about a fisherman from srikakulam who is apprehended in international seas by Pakistani military.

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