Mumbai Bomb Threat: Officers on patrol raced...

The Bomb Threat in the Govandi region of mumbai was reported to the nagpur police Control Room via phone on Saturday, february 10. Following this, every police officer became vigilant. Bombs had been planted in the bank of Maharashtra, which is located in Deonar Colony, Govandi, the caller venkatesh Rajan informed the police. The local Govandi police were alerted as soon as they heard about the device, and upon their investigation, they discovered nothing.
It was discovered that the caller had been under the influence of alcohol when the authorities later tracked down his phone number and questioned him. Following this, the authorities filed a complaint against venkatesh Rajan, and on february 11th, the Govandi police took him into custody. More investigation is being conducted by the police.
The traffic police helpline number has received a threat.
Let us tell you that they notified City police and Crime Branch ATS when they received a threatening message on the mumbai traffic police helpline's whatsapp account during the first week of February. Following this, a few dubious locations were also looked into, but nothing turned up during this time. A similar menacing note was forwarded to Mumbai's traffic control room in July of last year.
Not only was it warned that Mumbai's 26/11 terrorist assault may be anticipated, but prime minister Narendra Modi's government and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, yogi Adityanath, were also mentioned as potential targets. Following this, the police filed a complaint under section 509 (2) of the IPC against an unidentified offender. mumbai police had previously received a threatening communication on May 22, 2023.

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