Noisy neighbors are a problem for Hyderabad's residential neighborhoods as the city's busy metropolis continues to change. The telangana State pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has produced data that presents an unfavorable image of the city's noise environment. The data indicates that residential areas such as Tarnaka and jubilee hills have had noise levels above standard decibel standards for the entire year 2023.
Based on the statistics, there has been a lot of noise during the day and at night. The sound of buildings, traffic, and other urban noises has added to the cacophony that used to fill these otherwise peaceful areas. The official residential area decibel standards are 55 dB (A) during the day and 45 dB (A) at night. These standards serve as a reference point for measuring real noise levels. But the data reveals an unsettling reality: noise levels often exceed these criteria all year long.
A clamor has disrupted the quiet lanes of jubilee hills, an area known for its wealth. The noise levels during the day varied from 64.33 dB (A) to an astounding 87.70 dB (A) in November, while at night they reached a maximum of 78.04 dB (A) in December. Tarnaka, another residential community, has also not been immune to the cacophonous assault on the senses, with noise levels consistently exceeding reasonable thresholds day and night, year-round.
Nevertheless, there are moments of relief in this discord. Remarkably, business districts such as Abids have survived remarkably unaffected throughout the day, with noise levels constantly falling below the regulatory threshold of 65 dB (A) all year round. Even so, there was a little increase in noise at night, albeit not to an alarming degree. A more encouraging picture is shown by the industrial zones of Sanathnagar, Jeedimetla, and Gaddapotharam, where noise levels are expected to stay within reasonable ranges for most of 2023.
On the other hand, places that were supposed to be "silence zones," such as hyderabad Central university in Gachibowli and the Nehru Zoological Park, have strangely turned out to be the noisiest places throughout the day. The information shows an unsettling truth: these purportedly peaceful areas have consistently ranked among the noisiest places, day or night. Regulations stipulate that the highest noise levels allowed are 50 dB (A) during the day and 40 dB (A) at night; nevertheless, real noise levels have often surpassed these limits.

For instance, at Nehru Zoological Park, daytime noise levels ranged from 52.64 dB (A) to 67.18 dB (A), while nighttime levels fluctuated between 56.78 dB (A) and 64.26 dB (A). Similarly, at HCU in Gachibowli, noise levels during the day ranged from 58.03 dB (A) to 66.28 dB (A), with nighttime levels hovering between 52.19 dB (A) and 61.43 dB (A).

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