On Sunday, hundreds of people came together to march and transmit the message of inclusion and coexistence via the vivid hues of the rainbow that graced Hyderabad's streets. LGBTQ activists, supporters, and community members of all ages gathered together, enchanting the environment with their pleasure and satisfaction.
More than a thousand LGBTQ+ people and their friends participated in the pride march, which spanned from NSL Orion in Raidurg to Shilparamam in Madhapur. Transgender people marched with pride in the parade, accompanied by gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and supportive friends. They wore colorful outfits, rainbow flags, and badges, among other things.

Posters reading "love is love" and slogans like "Azadi" reverberated around the streets, grabbing commuters' and onlookers' attention. The sounds of "teenmaar" music caused aircraft to stop and take in the sight.
Isn't that the main idea here? educating more people about the fight for our rights, as supriya puts it.
Posters supporting causes like "Jai Bhim," "No queer liberation without caste annihilation," and "Queers for palestine and Kashmir" were displayed throughout the demonstrations, highlighting the interconnectedness of the LGBTQ rights struggle and its sympathy with other oppressed groups.

The pride march has changed from being a simple protest to a show of unity against injustice and a defense of human rights. Now, it's a celebration of the existence of our community," Sohini said.
An ally attending his second pride march after Delhi, Vaibhav, found the occasion to be uplifting. "It was in a quiet street in Delhi, but walking down the road here makes us feel like we belong in the wild," he said.
Community members with disabilities also participated in the event; some rode in wheelchairs, while others, like Sheldee, who joined the march with a walking stick and said, "Pride happens only once a year," Attending alongside his son, vishwa underlined the need of teaching the next generation. "It's my duty to spread awareness, and occasions like this foster tolerance and acceptance," he declared.
After the march, which started at 2:00 pm and ended at Shilparamam at 4:00 pm, there were cultural events and performances there till 6:00 pm.


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